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Wasabi – 1st Month Update

5th September 2016

1 month already! Wow, just wow. Well technically 5 weeks (by the time I actually manage to publish this – but little humans apparently take up a lot of minutes).

It’s been a steep learning curve for me, hubby and the bean. Everyday I have to keep reminding myself that he’s still so brand new and that everything, I mean EVERYTHING is not only exciting but also unbelievably scary and unknown. He has no materialistic need for any of the beautiful things we try and surround him with. All he wants is to be warm, fed, clean and cuddled by mummy and daddy (especially mummy during the night…)

What really astounds me is how one little thing can produce SO MUCH WASTE?! Hubby seems to get the worst of it, but then that’s probably because I put him on nappy duty whenever he’s home so I can finish my cup of tea or pop to the loo :)

He’s currently suffering with a lot of gas, trapped wind and what I’m sure is reflux. I think the sudden little cries (in what looks like pain) while he sleeps probably get me the most. Gripe water and baby massage seem to be helping a little, but I guess it’s just a case of sticking it out whilst his little gut matures and figures out what the heck it’s supposed to do.

Some days I do just cry. A combination of baby blues, exhaustion and just the utter feeling of helplessness that there’s a little bean depending on me and that sometimes I have absolutely no idea how to soothe their woes. Everyone says it’ll get better. But before it does we have to live through the not so better yet.

Still, there are many moments of pure bliss and I cry my eyes out in joy just holding him, forgoing much needed sleep so often just to watch him in peaceful slumber.

Month 1 highlights:
1. Turning his head for the first time from one side to the other during tummy time.
2. Focussing his eyes on my face for a few seconds.
3. Spurts of spontaneous cooing (and a LOT of grunting when he’s hungry and the milk machine is being a bit slow at getting the goods out!)







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  • Reply Mandy 12th September 2016 at 4:42 pm

    What gorgeous photos! He is a cutie, just like his mum. I’m so glad to hear things are mostly going well and hope that the baby blues and uncertainty pass quickly.

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