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Oh geez, Christmas is coming…

1st December 2015

…and there’s no escape!

Ok I promise I’m really not the bah humbug type. In fact, I actually love Christmas. But not when you’re popping to the loo in the middle of November and you have Cliff Richard being blasted at you from all 4 corners. (I won’t mention where this was because I truly pitied the already embarrassed looking staff who had to dress in full elf gear inclusive of red circular cheeks).

But today is the first day of December and there are 24 days left until Christmas, so I’m sort of finally starting to get into the spirt of things. I’ve even made my Christmas card list. Well, that’s just because I’m hoping I’ve got enough cards left over from previous years to not have to buy anymore! Thrifty tip #1: People won’t remember what card you sent them last year in case you accidentally send them the same card again.

Hubby and I are also attempting to feed not just 1 Christmas cohort this year, but 3! That’s one roast duck, one beef wellington and 1 something else that we’re still deciding… Nothing goes to waste though. Thrifty tip #2: you can ALWAYS make something out of leftovers, throw nothing away and get adventurous. At least I’ve got a good excuse to research some new bakes :) So far I know I’m going to try out an orange, cranberry and chocolate baked cheesecake mmm… um… oh excuse me I was caught in a sugary day dream just then!

The bit I’m not so great at which does tend to stress me out is the Christmas gift shopping. Money’s already tight around Christmas time with all the extra spends. So it’s always been important to try as much as possible to stick to a budget. Thrifty tip #3: If you have a large family (we have 8 siblings between us of which at least half have other halves and children) then buy family gifts instead. We only get individual gifts for parents and little ones. And typically my gifts are usually either food orientated consumables or some kind of family experience i.e. board games/day trip voucher.

We won’t see the majority of them over Christmas either since they are located anywhere and everywhere between Edinburgh and Devon and most presents will take flight via post. I’ve never really liked buying ‘stuff’ either, because you never know what people actually want or need and so most ‘stuff’ just goes to waste. Unless of course that ‘stuff’ is a Galaxy Tab S2 which would be pretty handy since my Nexus is on its last legs (this is not a massive hint).

On a final note, please don’t hate me, but I’ve already wrapped my first presents! I’ve decided to wrap as I go so it’s not such a chore to do them all together at the last minute. I’ve also gone the brown paper route this year. Thrifty tip #4: Brown paper costs less per meter than the fancy stuff but still looks really lovely with some ribbon around it.

Did you have Christmas already planned out in October? Or are you a last minute Christmas Eve kinda shopper?


  • Reply Silly Mummy 9th January 2016 at 11:28 am

    I’m both! I always start early, but there is always last minute stuff to get too – usually table cloths & stocking bits! I love Christmas, and love it when all the stuff and music starts early in the shops too – I like it dragged out as long as possible! & it’s been years since I bought Christmas cards! I used to get new packs each year, but had never finished the old ones. Realised how many I had left over a few years back & just been using those ever since! Visiting from #weekendblogshare

    • Reply Safia 10th January 2016 at 6:09 pm

      Yes, I do find that no matter how prepared you try to be there’s always a last minute scramble for something. Be it a present, a card you forgot to post, chestnuts for the stuffing 😂 But I suppose it’s all part and parcel of Christmas shenanigans! Thanks for stopping by!

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