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Personal Musings

The “Love/Hate” Tag

8th September 2015

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What do you love? And what do you hate? We’ve all got a couple of things that either grinds our gears or has us swooning for hours on end. Having been nominated by Liz ‘only’ 2 months ago, I’ve finally gotten round to seeing if I can come up with a compact list of 10 loves and 10 hates. ‘Better late than never’ should be my personal tagline! So, in no particular order…


1. Sunday afternoon naps
I crave those weekend moments when you can block out the world and slumber away on the couch. On the rare occasion that I have nothing to study, clean, cook, practise or do, this is a real treat and a wonderful way to just pause.

2. Cute Stationary
Yes ok, I’m a stationary hoarder. I can’t help it. I just love cute little notebooks, pens, stickers, post its, random things so much! I’m off to Singapore in a few days and I think my credit card is going to explode when I visit the stationary section in Tokyu Hands for my ultimate Japanese stationary fix. I’m not sorry I’m weird.

3. Durian
That rank smelling fruit from south east Asia that none of my Western friends understand the appeal of. It’s the King of fruits and my all time favourite.

4. Pole Dancing
I’m pretty sure and sincerely hope I’ll be dancing into my granny years.

5. Baking
I don’t think this one needs much explanation :)


6. Drives in the open countryside
Especially on a warm breezy day, with the windows down. It’s bliss.

7. Music
Music is life and I can’t imagine life without it.

8. Space
I have always been fascinated with it, since I was little. My dad used to take my to the old Planetarium in London all the time and it was my favourite place. Sometimes I just stare at the sky and sometimes it makes me well up because it’s so beautiful. We are so small and the rest of it is so big that it’s scary yet so curious.

9. The online community of learning
Education isn’t just about pens and paper and sitting in a stinky classroom anymore. There is a whole world of amazing things to learn about and a lot of amazing people sharing their knowledge and ideas. Here are just a handful of YouTubers you should check out: Crash Course, Tom Scott, Minute Physics, Smarter Every Day

10. My husband
Oh God, I did it, I added that soppy one right at the end. I’m just going to leave it at that instead of boring you with a pile of smoothy mush!

lovehate02Photo credit: Holly Baxter Photography


1. Chewing Gum
Yuk, yuk, yuk… it just gets everywhere and sticks to everything and it’s horrifying when you accidentally touch some that’s been kindly left under your seat!!

2. Crowded Tubes
I’ve never really minded long tube journeys, but when they’re packed it starts to get to me. Especially when it gets hot and stuffy and I can start to feel sick.

3. Liquorice
Sorry, but what IS the point of the horrendous tasting thing?

4. My bunions
Had to mention the gross bodily part one. More than lasering my eyes or straightening my teeth, I wish I could fix my bunions. It’s not even cosmetic, although I do have terrible trouble buying any type of shoe. It’s the pain that I get pretty much every other day. I’ve learnt to tolerate quite a high level, but on a rare occasion I’ve actually had to stop walking until the pain subsides.

5. Getting things wrong
When I failed my exams, I was so angry with myself. When I get things wrong at work it really makes me mad. And when I think I’ve messed up someone’s opinion of me I end up in a crying fit at home.

6. People who are unjustifiably rude
You know the kind, the ones who have something to say about everything, are rude about everything, shout about everything, are bitter about everything. I definitely didn’t just write this point right after some woman had a barney on the bus at the driver for no reason!! (Apparently she was a grandmother but then decided it was ok to run her filthy mouth off in front of other people’s kids!!)

7. The finality of death
We’ve take a morbid detour here and maybe this should really be filed under ‘fears’, but it scares the shit out of me…

8. Being late
I really hate being late, so when I am late, which is more often that I’d care to admit it makes me really anxious and agitated. Unfortunately I battle severe procrastination so it often effects my ability to not be late so much so that I’m either really super early or I’m just plain late. Still working on that happy consistent medium.

9. The “where are you from?” question
Kent. “No but where are you from?” Oh you mean you want to know my exact racial heritage and ancestry? I really just want to buy this bottle of milk. The first few times it was a novelty, but after the 100th time it was enough. Guys, we’re from Earth. If you must know I’m a British born South East Asian married to a White country bumpkin. No he didn’t buy me and I’m not here on a visa. I’m not sorry I’m hard to place (being half Chinese, quarter Malay, quarter Indian). We’re a multiracial society, I don’t support just the one team!

10. Not having perfect vision
I know I said earlier that my bunions bugged me more, but doesn’t mean I still don’t hate wearing glasses. What I’d really love is to just be able to wake up, open my eyes and look out into the beautiful morning without having to first fumble around for where I left my glasses the night before only to find they’d fallen off my side table down under the bed where it’s awkward to reach. Kills the moment right there.


Well there you go folks… please don’t judge me :)

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