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The ‘I’ve been away but now I’m back’ post

23rd July 2015

Oh hi there, remember me? I fell into Wonderland for a bit but I’ve finally made it back out again. Long story short, I had an emotional ‘blip’, I’m (still) knee deep in a puddle of revision (2 exams next week – argh) and as usual I simply gave myself too much to do.

Transformation & Weight Loss
So, I got through the first 4 weeks and it was amazing, but then stress and pressure got the best of me. Although for the first time I actually managed to not eat myself into oblivion and have maintained the 7lbs weight loss from those 4 weeks. After a lifetime of comfort eating let me tell you, this was and still is a breakthrough and a total win. I’m planning to go ahead and finish the 2nd half this August, I just need to concentrate on studying at the moment and the program requires quite a bit of planning and prepping. Time which I just don’t have right now.

I don’t think I’ve talked about it much before, but a large part of my stress comes from studying and exams. I work full time but I’m also trying to get qualified as a chartered accountant. Essentially this equates to much deprived sleep and much quality time not spent with hubby, two things I really struggle without. If all goes to plan I’ll be done by March 2016 and then I’ve been unequivocally told that I’m “not allowed to study anymore”. Please don’t take that as you aren’t continuously allowed to grow your mind anymore. More that I’ve been formally “studying” in one way or another for over 2 thirds of my life now and hubby thinks it’s time to give myself a bit of a break!

Did I just say babies? Yeah, we’re gonna leave that one for its own little post. Let’s just say we may have decided to alter the original plan slightly… :P

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