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The 8 Week Transformation – Week 3 Report

2nd June 2015

Skipped too far? Head back to the beginning of my 8 week transformation

Last week at work the above happened. Well, afternoon tea happened and I felt like the orange in the front row, on the side, unable to join in. That’s one the hardest parts of any diet, transformation or fitness journey. Sometimes it’s a little lonely and sometimes it takes everything you’ve got (especially when you’re tired, hungry and stressed) to stand your ground and not give in to a casual ‘I’ll just restart again tomorrow’.

So stepping on the scale yesterday morning, I’m pretty sure my face epitomised a ‘wtf?’ moment. I’d gained 1.5lbs. Granted my diet in the 3rd week hadn’t been as strict as the first two, I didn’t think I’d overeaten either. With dread I took my measurements and again, this time with added raised eyebrow for effect, I scored my second ‘wtf?’ moment of the morning. I’d lost 3.5cm (1.4″) across my measurements.

After speaking to Alexis we decided that it was most likely water weight since my measurements had still gone down. I’m hoping when I check in next week we’ll be going the right way again. But it really goes to show how much the scale doesn’t always tell you. I was feeling a little bit down about it, but then I told myself off for crumbling in the face of adversity! I slapped on a pretty dress, some makeup (trust me, this is rare) and some heels and trotted off to work with positive brain thoughts.

Heading into the my 4th week I’m actually pretty excited about my workout plan. I’ve been steadily increasing either the length of the exercises or heaviness of weights I’ve used. This morning’s circuit was killer! But you know what they say “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you”. And this morning, I was challenged.

I noticed that I didn’t have quite as much vegetation last week as I might usually do so this week’s food plan aims to counter that and get more greens in me.

Breakfast – Smoked Salmon, Cottage Cheese & Rye Bread

2 slices of rye bread
40g smoked salmon
75g cottage cheese
Handful of leafy greens
Freshly ground black pepper

384 Calories (45g Carbs, 12g Fat, 24g Protein)


Lunch – Vegetable Frittata with Tuna & Celeriac Fritters

(Makes 6 portions)
10 large eggs
750g sweet potatoes, sliced thinly
250ml semi skimmed milk
150g onions
150g peppers
100g broccoli
100g baby plum tomatoes
50g leafy greens

In a jug mix together the eggs, milk and any desired seasoning and set aside. Par boil the sweet potatoes adding in the onions, peppers and broccoli for the last few minutes. Drain and layer into a large, deep baking tray or dish, seasoning each layer as you go. Dice up the tomatoes and spread over the top followed by the leafy greens. Carefully pour the egg mix into the tray and bake for around 60 minutes on a low heat i.e. 150 degrees C (fan) or until the frittata is set. If the greens start to burn cover the dish with some tin foil.

(Makes 7 portions of 2 fritters – I know, random number, just worked out that way)

300g celeriac
3 cans of tuna in brine
30g Coconut Flour
2 large eggs
Seasoning of choice (I used curry powder, paprika, salt and pepper, garlic powder)

Grate the celeriac and squeeze as much excess liquid out of it as you can. Mix up all the ingredients and portion into balls. Mine were approximately 50g each and I ended up with 14 of them. Add a few balls at a time to your frying pan. A potato masher comes in really handy here to flatten the balls out. Fry for about 4-5 minutes each side, or until crispy, making sure to flatten again after flipping them.

For both frittata and fritters: 397 Calories (35g Carbs, 13g Fat, 31g Protein)


Dinner – Lighter Lasagne

(Makes 8 portions)
500g beef mince
12 sheets egg lasagne
3 peppers
2 carrots
2 large onions
3 cloves garlic
2 medium courgettes
2 cans chopped tomatoes
A few basil leaves

150g cottage cheese
150g natural yoghurt
40g feta cheese
40g sundried tomatoes

Essentially my lighter lasagne is made exactly the same way that you’d usually make lasagne except you replace the middle layer of pasta with a layer of sliced courgettes instead. I then substituted white sauce for a combination of natural yogurt, cottage cheese, a bit of feta and sundried tomatoes. Yes, another random combination, but I was attempting to make sure I used up things in my fridge before they went off! If you don’t fancy the inevitable clumpy texture that you’ll get from baking yogurt, then I’d suggest using creme fraiche as per this Jamie Oliver recipe.

I also used lean mince as that is what I had left over in my freezer. Next time I’d use extra lean so I can increase the quantity and protein and have a bit of fresh avocado on the side.

With 100g greens: 403 Calories (44g Carbs, 13g Fat, 27g Protein)

Daily total with 2 apples, 1 banana and 2 slices of turkey breast on Ryvita: 1563 Calories (201g Carbs, 40g Fat, 98g Protein)

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