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The 8 Week Transformation – Week 2 Report

26th May 2015

Need to catch up from the start of my 8 week transformation?

So let’s talk results first shall we? This week I’ve lost another 2.5lbs and 3cm (1.1″) off my measurements, that’s a total of 4.5lbs and 7cm (2.7″). It’s been a bit of a funny week with a few ups and downs, but I’m really glad that overall I’ve come out tops! The start of the week was completely fine, but I started to struggle a little after Thursday when ‘girl problems’ kicked in for the month and I was craving sugar and carbs like a bitch!

Cheat meal wise, Hubby and I went out for a really lovely Turkish grill for his birthday and we had some cheeky cake at home too. Saturday was a little tricky as we were at a friend’s for a leaving do BBQ. I’d already planned to have a bunless burger and salad and also brought a bag of homemade popcorn which I would definitely recommend as a go to snack. I make it with a few sprays of 1 cal spray in the pan and a few sprays after they’ve popped to make the salt stick better. Wallah, that’s it and you have a much more manageable alternative to the mountain of crisps and chocolate bites.

This week I definitely noticed an overall improvement in my fitness which I credit much to my circuit workouts. On Sunday, my sister and I did the Race for Life 5k in Guildford. Let me just say first that I hate jogging! It’s my least favourite cardio activity, but somehow I manage to get roped into some kind of running/jogging event every year. So I’m pretty surprised that for not having done any training for it in over a month I managed to jog non-stop and completed it in around 33/34 minutes.

In other news you can now find out more about Alexis’ training programme on his new Facebook page ‘Fit & Mettle Personal Training‘. He’s currently looking to take on more clients for a free 8-12 week programme to build up his portfolio. What are you waiting for? :)

And finally, week 3’s food picks were a bit experimental as I’m trying to use up things in my freezer and cupboards in an attempt to start reducing my food waste.

Breakfast – Bulgar Wheat & Oat Berry Bake

(Makes 8 portions – divide and store in the fridge. I wouldn’t keep longer than 5-6 days.)
80g Steel Cut Oats
80g Bulgar Wheat
3 large eggs
500ml almond milk
80g protein powder
4 small bananas, sliced
250g blueberries
150g raspberries
10g brown linseeds
10g chia seeds
1 tsp vanilla and a big pinch of cinnamon

Wash the bulgar wheat and oats until the water runs clear and set aside. Either line or use 1 cal spray on an 8″x8″ tray and spread out half your fruits along the bottom. Layer on your wheat/oat mix and then top with the remaining fruits. Combine all your other ingredients together and then carefully pour the liquid into the corners of your tray. Don’t pour too quickly otherwise you’ll dislodge your fruit. Bake for 60min at 190 C / 180 C (fan). Allow to cool and set completely.

You can vary this recipe in lots of ways. If I try this again I’ll probably add an extra egg, reduce the milk and replace the raspberries with another fruit for a firmer texture.

I added a green smoothie to my breakfast to accompany this made up of 90-100g frozen spinach, 100ml almond milk, 40g protein powder and water whizzed up into green gloriousness.

Including smoothie: 429 Calories (64g Carbs, 7g Fat, 26g Protein)


Lunch – Chunky Lentil & Carrot Soup with Meatballs

(Makes 4 portions)
200g red lentils
200g chopped tomatoes
200g red onion, chopped
400g carrots, chopped
2 chicken stock cubes in 500ml water plus seasoning to taste

160g extra lean mince beef, divide into 16 and fry. Store in freezer if required.
4 hard boiled eggs
Coriander to dress

369 Calories (24g Carbs, 8g Fat, 26g Protein)


Dinner – Moroccan Chicken Stew

(Makes 6 portions)
1 large butternut squash, approx 600g
100ml red/white wine vinegar
50g soft brown sugar
6 portions of meat. I used 4 legs and 2 thighs with skin and excess fat taken off.
150-180g dried apricots, chopped
2 large red onions
3 garlic cloves
2 chopped tomatoes
1 inch ginger, grated
1 tsp tumeric, ground coriander, cumin

50g brown rice/bulgar wheat/couscous to serve with peas, some mint and 15g feta cheese

Another one pot wonder that just requires some gentle simmering until the meat is falling off the bones at which point I removed them. You could also make this with chicken breast if you prefer. Then serve with your choice of carb and a few bits to garnish.

Including bulgar wheat and peas: 443 Calories (58g Carbs, 15g Fat, 25g Protein)

Daily Total including 1 apple, 1 banana and 150g pineapple cottage cheese: 1585 Calories (206g Carbs, 36g Fat, 92g Protein)

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