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The 8 Week Transformation – Week 1 Report

18th May 2015

First, tell me what this 8 Week Transformation is then…

I’m happy to report that we got off to a brilliant start! I’ve lost 2 pounds and 4cm (1.6 inches) off all my measurements. Food prepping on a Sunday is definitely a must for me since I just don’t have time during the week to prepare individual meals within my macros goals, even with hubby helping me out. Having a set meal plan for the working week was perfect as well as I could just get on with my day and not get distracted trying to over plan things and there was no room for error.

Wednesday was a little worrying as we were out for Alexis’ birthday dinner… and it was meze! Even though it was supposed to be my cheat meal, meze means a heck of a lot of food. But after all my fretting it was actually perfectly fine. I took small portions each time, ate slowly until I was satiated and not 30 weeks food baby bulging and felt all the better for it. I even had cake and wine! Hubby’s birthday is this Thursday so I’ll be having my cheat meal out again this week but I’m just going to let myself enjoy every bite of it without worrying.

So that was food, what about the workouts? On paper they don’t look that bad, but in reality they had me sweating buckets and I was pretty sore Tuesday through to Thursday. Luckily I had my fortnightly deep tissue massage with Marina at Tiger Therapy last week which really helped!

Right then, new week and new food plan. Here are my recipes this week. Top tip: get yourself a can of 1 cal oil spray. It makes such a difference to planning and stops any ‘accidental’ over oiling of your frying pan or salad.

Breakfast – Overnight Steel Cut Oats

I was really excited when I found steel cut oats in Whole Foods as I’d wanted to try them for a while. I love that they retain a chewy texture even when they’re cooked. They also 1up rolled oats on a few factors as explained by this handy infographic. You can make them in one large batch and they should store in the fridge for up the 5 days.

(makes 5 portions)
250g oats
250ml water
500ml almond milk + 200ml
50g blueberries & 5g flaked almonds or any other toppings of choice

In a pan heat the oats, water and almond milk until the mixture boils and then turn off the heat and cover. Leave the oats to soak up the liquid for about 30-40 minutes. You can then stir in the extra almond milk and portion into 5 jars/containers to store in the fridge. Extremely handy if you don’t have time to make breakfast as you can just grab a jar on your way out the door.

You can also use just water or another milk of your choice. I used almond milk to add a natural sweetness so that coupled with the blueberries I wouldn’t need to add any extra sugar. I also stirred in an extra dash of almond milk just before eating.

281 Calories (41g Carbs, 9g Fat, 7g Protein)


Lunch – Tuna Fishcakes and Noodles

(makes 10 fishcakes/5 portions)
3 cans of tuna, in brine or spring water
2 large eggs
250g grated carrots
250g grated parsnips
75g flour
Seasoning (I use 5 spice, paprika, salt & pepper)

1 noodle nest (I like using egg or udon noodles)
1 large egg
1 spring onion
Light Soya Sauce

Give the grated carrots and parsnips a bit of a squeeze to get rid of any excess liquid, then lightly fry for about 4-5 minutes until they start to soften. Combine all fishcake the ingredients (including the carrots and parsnips) and form into 10 pattie cakes. Fry for around 7-8 minutes on each side until they have a nice crispy coating. My guess is that they’d probably last around 2 days in the fridge so I refrigerated 3 portions which I will pack straight into my lunchbox the night before I need them so that they defrost overnight.

This dish does require a ‘little’ bit of cooking at lunchtime in the form of boiling the noodles, frying the egg and heating up the fishcakes… but it’s definitely worth it and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes start the finish :)

521 Calories (68g Carbs, 11g Fat, 39g Protein)


Dinner – Chilli Con Carne

I have to say, I originally thought I’d only get 8 portions out of this. Having just finished dinner I can confidently say you’ll actually get around 12! I’d miscalculated the mince calories/protein numbers, whoops… Luckily I didn’t go over my daily allowance!

(makes 12 portions)
1kg extra lean mince beef
3 red onions
3 garlic cloves
200g carrots
250g mushrooms
2 cans red kidney beans
4 cans chopped tomatoes
4 beef stock cubes
3 tsp paprika
1 tsp cayenne pepper (adjust to heat requirements)
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp sugar
4-5 dried bay leaves
Salt & Pepper

You probably already know but chilli is a great one pot wonder. Just make sure you have around 3hrs to spare if you’re making one this size so that you really give it time to meld and cook down.

Fry off the onions and garlic before browning the meat. Add all your spices and fry for another 3-4 minutes. You can then pretty much add everything else and leave it to work its magic for a few hours. Make sure it’s on a low heat so that it doesn’t burn and give it a stir every 20 minutes or so.

I served this with 40g brown rice and a handful of greens. Alternatively you could skip the rice and just have a bigger portion of chilli with some greens.

399 Calories (53g Carbs, 6g Fat, 39g Protein)

Daily Total including 1 apple, 1 banana, 100g pineapple cottage cheese and a cheeky cappuccino: 1518 Calories, 225 Carbs, 30g Fat, 99g Protein

Want to contact Alexis about your own 8 week plan?
instagram: @alexd_fitness

Carry on to the week 2 report –>

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