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Contemplating 31 years of time

11th March 2015

Now that I’ve had almost 48hrs for the idea of being 31 as of Monday (9th March) to sink in, I’ve decided it’s not entirely all bad. Last year I was too consumed by ‘my life is over now that I’m 30’ that I never really stopped to think about what I’ve done and where I’ve come from. No really, I was in fits of tears days before and looking back now that seems almost absurd.

I could measure life by my material possessions; I own my flat and have a car. By my dress size; I’m an ex size 18, now a comfortable 12 working on moving to a fit and healthy 10. By my academic achievements; I have a 1st BA (Hons) in Contemporary Popular Music and was awarded ‘Most Outstanding Vocalist’ on degree 2008. But does any of that really matter, or should I really be measuring my life by some other way or even at all?

Time is the only true unit of measure, it gives proof to the existence of matter, without time, we don’t exist. - from the movie 'Lucy'

With every other measure you inevitably end up comparing yourself against other people, but we’re not all the same and you can’t measure us all on the same scale. If I then measure myself against time, which in its current form, once used is lost forever, will that give me a clearer understanding of my life? Have I used my time well and will I regret any time that I’ve lost? If you’re anything like me, you do constantly wonder if staying up late to tinker around on the interwebs was really a good use of your time.

Sorry, there are a lot of open ended questions in the post, I’m just having one of those ‘I ponder’ sort of days.

I’ve realised that as much as I think I’ve come so far in just 31 years, there is so much more I can do if I just use my time a bit more wisely. I spend too much of my time stressing about work, worried that I ate too much, vegetating on the couch for no good reason and doing various other inane things.

The ‘During my year before I turn 32’ list
In an effort to aspire to a ‘time well spent’ year ahead, I’ve made myself a list of things I would like to make more time for.

  • Read at least one book a month – considering how much I don’t read at the moment this would actually increase my book reading percentage ten fold.
  • Use 1 hour each week to purposely relax – I’m not talking about watching the telly or ogling Facebook, I’m talking about actual time to shut off from the world and clear my mind, like a bath or guided meditation.
  • Allow myself to get enough sleep – sounds odd huh? But making yourself go to bed on time isn’t always as easy as it seems.
  • Be in the present – I often think about the future and what’s coming next a little bit too much that I don’t always allow myself to enjoy the present.

They probably seem like small and trivial things but I really think they will make a difference to the quality of my life. Whatever my situation, I think if I can give myself quality over quantity in life then I have a very good rest of my life to look forward.

How this 31 yr old celebrated her birthday
I thought I’d tack on at the end about what I actually did on my birthday because I had a pretty good time. Hubby and I started out the morning by driving up to The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead (North London). I’ve not been skiing since I was 7 so I had a 2 hour level 1 lesson booked while hubby enjoyed himself on the big slope.

Brilliant. Fun. I don’t know why I hadn’t been sooner. Definitely going back for level 2 and then I think I’ll be allowed on the big slope. I just want to zip down really fast!! (Read: I’m still such a child).

After lunch we got home in the late afternoon and then miracles do happen, Hubby baked me a lemon drizzle cake! Yes, 8 years of continuous nagging finally paid off. Kudos to him though as it was actually pretty damn tasty, he even surprised himself.

Finished off my day by meeting my work crew in Leicester Square for Laser Quest. No that’s not the name of some swanky London club night, it’s good old fashioned Laser Quest. Every 31 year old child’s dream :)


  • Reply Liz 12th March 2015 at 12:00 am

    Great goals! Maybe we need to revive the office book club plan that flopped spectacularly a couple of years back. Failing that, I have hundreds of book recommendations for you, and I’m happy to nag you till you read them ;)

    • Reply Safia 12th March 2015 at 9:42 pm

      Oh yes please on both the book club and the nagging front! I think you’d mentioned it before and a couple of people had perked up at the idea so there’s no harm in having another go :)

  • Reply Janine BakeGlueandTrend 22nd January 2016 at 10:22 pm

    Brilliant post and great goals / plans. I am turning 35 in October, still single (never been married), no children and my ‘career’ is a bit of a joke. I am a little panicked. Not sure how much panicking will help me though…

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