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Broody is an understatement

10th February 2015

My internal body clock isn’t just ticking, it’s practically breaking down the walls. I’ll be 31 in 26 days (holy fudge, 26 days?!) Hubs and I have been talking about it for a while, it’s just never been the right time. Buying the flat, changing jobs, getting more stable jobs, me still getting my CIMA qualification… I’m also 2 years older than him so I already ‘got there’ way before him.

Recently though the proverbial clock has been ticking louder and screaming ‘you’re not getting any younger’. Yes I know many ladies have babies later in life, but I have to be brutally honest, I don’t want to be an older mum. I want to be fit and healthy enough to run after my kids and I don’t want to wait so long that my career gets in the way.

I’m probably just being paranoid because it’s all such an unknown. We’ve planned to start trying at the end of the year when I should be on the brink of qualifying. Hubs has also been looking at a couple of new job options. He works for the railway and is a bit of a class pet (not to say that he doesn’t work bloody hard), so moving up shouldn’t take too long and we’ll be in a better position financially for when we potentially lose my full salary next year.

Although, surprisingly he’s taken a keen interest in possible baby names. Apparently if our baby looks Asian he’s going to name them ‘Brian’ and if they look English they’ll be called ‘Hwang’ (btw I’m Asian, hubs is a Devon country boy). I think I’ll have to be in charge of choosing baby names…

NB: Yes that’s me in the shopping bag and no, contrary to popular belief spurred by my dad’s speech at my wedding, no I was not bought in the supermarket.


  • Reply brightoneagle 2nd March 2015 at 12:44 pm

    I love your blog. Very entertaining!

    • Reply Safia 2nd March 2015 at 12:51 pm

      Thanks for stopping by :) Glad you enjoyed your read!

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