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Am I cold hearted?

5th February 2015

I don’t give money to people I see begging on the streets. I see the same man sitting in the same spot almost everyday when I walk from the tube to work. Sometimes I manage a faint smile when I walk past as he will always wish you a good day. But I’ve never given him a penny.

Maybe it’s the skeptic in me. What’s he going to spend it on? I hope it’s not cigarettes. Don’t get me wrong, I give to my own personal causes of choice. But then again you could argue that you don’t really know where your money is going to either. Sure, people tell you £3 buys you this and £5 buys you that and obviously non-profits are supposed to be just that, non-profit (I should know, I’m outsourced to one!)

When did I turn so cold towards charity?

It doesn’t help when you pass charity workers on the street who desperately want to badger you. I apologise to any street charity workers out there but I always make it a point to at least say ‘no thank you’ if they try to catch me, but let me tell you I’ve been called some names before for turning them down.

Way to go on the public image front.

Are we all (read me) so distrusting now that we (read me again) can’t see the simply pure act of just giving anymore?

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