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What’s in a name?

20th January 2015

I’ve always thought that your name played a part in what shapes and defines you as a person. You become it and embody it. I was born Safia Haleem and it was my identity for the first 30 years of my life. Daughter, sister, friend, Final Fantasy gamer and occasional wedding singer.

But exactly 4 months ago, I gave up half of it and became a Griffin. It was never a question of should I or shouldn’t I. Call me a traditionalist but it’s always something I knew I would do and that I wanted to do. I just never thought it would come with this temporary feeling of limbo. This was always a personal choice and whether a woman decides to keep her name, double barrel it or come up with a new one altogether I think is entirely up to you.

So who am I now? Daughter, sister, wife and hopefully in the not too distant future, mother.

I don’t physically feel any different, but I think mentally it’s just clicked that I really am not a child anymore. Yes sorry, it’s taken 30 years and a ring on my finger to figure that one out! It’s a new chapter, a new phase and it’s hilariously scary and exciting at the same time. So many people look for new beginnings and fresh starts, so maybe some part of me has been longing to redefine who I am. We’ll just have to wait and see.

On a side note when I first met my now hubby, a small part of me was gleefully amused that this would possibly the closest I’d ever get to being a Griffin-dor [cue HazzaP theme song].

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